LA Cyber Lab - 2019 Security Summit

The Department of Homeland Security and City of Los Angeles formed the LA Cyber Lab, a joint initiative to help protect Los Angeles based companies from cyber attack.  Last week, the LA Cyber Lab hosted Security Summit 2019 to spread awareness of cyber threats and share information within the business community.  This two-day event had over 500 registered participants and covered a wide range of cybersecurity and threat intelligence topics.  Silent Sector Partners, Michael Rotondo and Zach Fuller, presented in a panel forum focused on the idea that cybersecurity expertise is far more important for preventing cyber attacks than security tools.
The educational discussion shed light on a variety of topics about the human-element in cybersecurity, including:
  • How to find and retain technical talent
  • Finding and working with security and compliance vendors
  • Why many companies say they handle cybersecurity when they are actually just selling products
  • Creating a culture of security awareness
  • Protecting your assets as an executive
  • How to start strengthening security with limited budget and resources 
  • Cybersecurity myths leading to poor decisions and breaches
Participants gained an understanding of the the best practices, techniques, and thought processes that small and mid-market companies can leverage for their own cyber risk management, all while working with limited resources.
During the Summit, the LA Cyber Lab's threat intelligence sharing mobile app was unveiled.  This free app is designed for small and mid-size businesses.  Learn more and download the app here.
Special thanks to the LA Cyber Lab for putting together an outstanding event and Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, for presenting on the City's ideas to make it the most secure city in the world.

About the Author

Written by Zach Fuller

Zach Fuller is an entrepreneur who has built businesses in multiple industries. He served as Green Beret in the U.S. Army, conducting highly sensitive combat operations in Afghanistan. Zach was awarded a Bronze Star Medal and other decorations for his actions overseas. He later built an investor relations team for a private equity company. Holding the role of Executive Vice President, he lead the team to raising well over $300,000,000 in private capital to acquire real estate assets and making it to the Inc. 500 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies. Zach is a Certified Ethical Hacker and founding partner of Silent Sector, where he is focused on mid-market and emerging companies which he considers to be the backbone of the American economy and our way of life.
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