Cyber Rants

Forbidden Secrets and Slightly Embellished Truths about Corporate Cybersecurity Programs, Frameworks, and Best Practices


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Cyber Rants is packed with resources and insights to help you build a resilient cybersecurity program.
Save time, money, and headaches. Cyber Rants brings you the inside scoop and says what most of the industry wont!

Leaders Rave about Cyber Rants!

From Fortune 500 CIOs to corporate consultants, PhDs to mid-market business leaders, professionals agree that Cyber Rants is a must read for anyone responsible for their organization's cybersecurity!

“As Cyber Rants reveals, cybersecurity has to emphasize mindset, experience, and simple processes which in turn may help build a culture assisted by technology. Organizations fail as a result of taking a tools/technology first approach.”

Michael Guggemos
COO & CIO from Emerging Ventures to Global Fortune 500s

Cyber Rants and the team at Silent Sector provide a principled approach to proactive cybersecurity. Cyber Rants balances plain talk with technical detail to drive the message home.”

—Steve Bradley
Cybersecurity Leader, IBM

“Cybersecurity isn't optional in today's world. With a little humor and a lot of information, Cyber Rants breaks down the marketing hype and what sales teams often fail to explain.  Cyber Rants can help save business leaders time and money, and will definitely alleviate a lot of headaches as you learn what makes a difference in protecting your company.”

—Heather Monthie, PhD
Associate Dean of Technology, Grand Canyon University, Author and Podcast Host,

“In Cyber Rants, Fuller and Silent Sector combine their deep understanding of the complexities of Cybersecurity, a refreshing sense of humor and an appropriate dose of irreverent ranting to create a book you’ll want to read, make notes in, and keep within reach. If you’re a business leader, this belongs on your must-read list.”

—Stephen Neff
CEO, Neff Healthcare

"Cyber Rants strikes a balance between informal real-speak talk, being direct and honest, and that of consultation experienced outcomes and rants.  Rants, in this book, are actually the truths we all scream as consultants for our stakeholders and clients to align towards, adopt, and champion towards maturing their cyber security risk management outcomes."

—Ken Dunham
Global Distinguished Fellow & Cybersecurity Thought Leader

“The information that these three Experts have been able to combine into one book is absolutely unreal; and I would expect nothing less from Michael Rotondo, Lauro Chavez, and Zach Fuller. These are without a doubt, the “Experts” of the cyber security industry in my opinion. Zach and Team, thanks for combining your skillsets to create a book that is great for early tech Founders like myself; it helped me to learn cyber security in a hurry.”

—Ty Smith
Founder, CEO of Vigilance Risk Solutions

About the International Best Selling Book

Are you looking to implement a cybersecurity program, improve your current program, or simply learn what is involved in protecting the organization and people that you serve?  Regardless of your technical background or lack thereof, Cyber Rants will take you through a highly productive journey deep into the important topics that most in the industry only gloss over.


Cyber Rants will expose it like it is!

The first fact is, cyber criminals are winning! There is no way to sugarcoat it. Companies lose billions of dollars every year to cyber criminals and people of all levels in the corporate hierarchy are being fired after cyber-attacks. This is causing a cascade of resources to be depleted throughout our economy. Only awareness, education, and action, your action will turn the tides.

While building an effective cybersecurity posture may seem daunting at first, the fundamentals and implementation guidance in this book will provide you with clarity for making informed decisions.

Cyber Rants is written in a way that benefits both technical and non-technical organization leaders and decision makers. This guide is designed to help you speak the language of cybersecurity, regardless of your background. Use it first as a course to gain a foundational understanding of organization cybersecurity. Then use it as a desk reference to support the security, longevity, and credibility of your organization.



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Available in Paperback and for Amazon Kindle! 

About the Authors


Michael Rotondo, Lauro Chavez, Zach Fuller

The authors bring over 50 years of combined cybersecurity and IT experience.  They have advised and supported U.S.-based companies and government agencies with 30 to 300,000 employees, ranging from startups to banks and healthcare companies, all the way to the U.S. Army and NASA.  They are founding partners of Silent Sector, an Arizona-based Expertise-Driven Cybersecurity® services firm serving clients nationwide.

Sample Chapter List

Chapter 1 Fundamental Cyber Rants
Chapter 2 Cybersecurity as an Asset
Chapter 3 Cybersecurity Industry Challenges
Chapter 6 Building and Keeping the Team
Chapter 7 Building a Security Conscious Culture
Chapter 8 Assessments & Penetration Testing
Chapter 10 Operationalization of Compliance
Chapter 11 Do You Really Need Another Tool?