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    Silent Sector builds and strengthens exceptional cybersecurity programs to protect mid-market and emerging companies

    we help clients

    • Build formal cyber risk management programs
    • Gain a clear understanding of current cyber risk exposure
    • Align to compliance requirements
    • Complete successful SOC 2, PCI-DSS, and other security audits
    • Answer client and prospect cybersecurity questionnaires with ease
    • Conquer cyber risk management initiatives with guidance and hands-on support
    • Use cybersecurity to land large enterprise contracts and gain a competitive advantage in their markets
    Why Silent Sector as your trusted cybersecurity partner?

    You need a formalized cyber security program built seamlessly into your operations to protect the company, set yourself apart from the competition, and win enterprise contracts. Your clients are too valuable to provide them with cookie-cutter cybersecurity measures and automated, canned security questionnaire responses. Your company isn't one that only scrapes by with the bare minimum because too much is at stake to take that risk. Whether you are looking to take your current cybersecurity controls to the next level or you need to build a cyber risk management program from the ground up, our team will accelerate your success.

    No fluff. No hype. No false promises.

    With our practical approach and expert support, your organization will achieve its objectives faster and for a fraction of the cost of other methods. You'll gain outstanding solutions, proven strategies, and precise tactics to get your security program from where it is today to where it needs to be, empowering your internal team and enabling your company to thrive as a recognized leader in its market.

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    Organizations We Serve

    Silent Sector is a great fit for many but not for everybody. Some try to take the easy route through, doing the bare minimum to "check the box." We don't operate that way. We support performance-driven companies highly regarded by their clients and industry partners, companies that are serious about their growth and longevity.  We create real results and expect our services to surpass our clients' expectations, as they do for their own clients. The companies we serve understand that effective cybersecurity takes commitment and resources, and appreciate seeing the significant returns on their investments. Silent Sector has helped clients use cybersecurity as an asset to grow millions of dollars in revenue. We love serving great organizations with high-performing cultures and wouldn't have it any other way.

    B2B Technology

    • SaaS
    • FinTech
    • MedTech
    • EdTech
    • Defense Tech
    • System Integrators

    Financial Services

    • Banks & Credit Unions
    • Insurance
    • Investment / Private Equity


    • Benefits Companies
    • Healthcare Facilities
    • Laboratories
    • Consulting Groups

    Manufacturing & Defense

    • Manufacturing
    • Product Design & Development
    • Contracting & Services
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    Our Purpose

    To advise, protect, and continuously improve

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    Our Cause

    Protect the backbone of our Nation's economy and way life

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    Our Passion

    Accelerating the growth and success of our clients

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    Three steps to determine fit, create clarity, and define the path forward.
    1. Compatibility Discussion
    2. Initial Consultation & Scoping
    3. Leadership Consultation & Plan Review