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Support for your in-house IT security team to turn your cyber risk management vision into reality.


Your in-house cybersecurity team's Force Multiplier

With today's constantly changing security and compliance environment, most InfoSec teams find themselves with more requirements than time and resources.  Most mid-market companies only have 2-5 in-house cybersecurity professionals and need to leverage outside help. 

Silent Sector’s infosec consulting provides the leverage your in-house security team needs, working behind the scenes to help you drive your critical projects forward. From navigating complex compliance frameworks, to leadership advisory, to building a strong foundation for new security teams, Silent Sector brings the resources and expertise to multiply your capabilities. Our cybersecurity services focus on maximizing the overall security posture of your organization, empowering your in-house team, and making them the superstars.

Cyber risk management leaders leverage Silent Sector's PSSP™ program and infosec consulting for a variety of reasons including:

  • Short on manpower, without budget to support more staff
  • Offloading or reducing documentation burdens
  • Support or guidance for compliance requirements
  • Cost-effective way to have multiple cyber risk assessments and/or penetration tests performed every year
  • Need to tackle specific objectives or projects quickly
  • Building a foundation for a new security team
  • Implementing new capabilities
  • Seeking vendor neutral independent review or advice from our infosec consulting team
  • Requiring 3rd party validation and reporting
  • Assisting with security plan development and updates
  • Want on-call advisory and support when needed
  • Need specialized security training or guidance for in-house software development and/or IT staff
  • Assistance with vetting and placing in-house staff as company grows

The Silent Sector’s InfoSec Consulting team is your ideal partner for more information on security consulting and more. How can we help your team and organization thrive?

Don't have a security team in-house?  See our Cyber IMPACT Solution™ here.

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Three steps to determine fit, create clarity, and define the path forward.
1. Compatibility Discussion
2. Initial Consultation & Scoping
3. Leadership Consultation & Plan Review


What will be possible when you have more support and resources?


  • Minimize overall risk
  • Additional "sounding board" for planning and decisions
  • Maximize effectiveness of current resources to minimize short and long-term expenses
  • 3rd party support for communication to Board and stakeholders
  • Allow in-house team members to focus on their primary roles and objectives 
  • Ensure compliance requirements are met and maintained


  • Support vulnerability identification and remediation
  • Reduce burden of policy and compliance documentation
  • Independent review of systems architecture
  • Educate and train in-house team members as needed
  • Access to additional institutional grade tools and resources
  • Application development support
  • Change management support
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SAQ's - Should Ask Questions

It is critical to ask the right questions, when you need the right answers.
How does Silent Sector integrate effectively with my team?

Silent Sector's leadership is directly involved with every PSSP client.  This means you have direct access to industry leaders with 25+ years of experience each, in addition to our team of subject matter experts.

Every client's needs are different and each service is tailored accordingly.  You will have 2-3 primary points of contact, depending on your organization's initiatives.  While most work is completed remotely, communication is ongoing via voice or video conference. 

Our team also enjoys and encourages on-site visits because nothing promotes collaboration and builds rapport quite like meeting face-to-face.  On-site visits also allow us to better understand your physical security posture, staff awareness, individual personalities, and strengths of each team member.

In short, although we're not always in the office next to you, we're with you to provide the support you need, when you need it. 

What can/can't you support?

Every Silent Sector PSSP solution is tailored to our clients' needs, with objectives, scope, and deliverables outlined in advance.  Additionally, we include support through unanticipated events or requirements.

We'll support everything from penetration testing to staff awareness training, compliance to darkweb research.  It is rare that we come across an initiative where we can't add value.  In the event that we don't have the resources to support a project, we will tell you in advance and start looking for the appropriate resource to ensure your bases are covered.

It is important to know that Silent Sector's PSSP solution is NOT a replacement for your in-house staff.  However, if you are looking to hire new staff, we can support the vetting and training of prospects you've identified.

Is the PSSP™ program a fit for my company?

The PSSP service is a fit for just about any organization with a small in-house cybersecurity team.  Our clients find it fits easily within their budget and provides tremendous value.

Companies leveraging PSSP solutions tend to have between 750 to 5,000 employees, with 2-8 people managing cybersecurity internally.  Teams this size often find themselves short on manpower and unable to bring on more staff.  Because of this, companies engage Silent Sector for extra support.  The PSSP was designed through seeing the common (and some unique) struggles small security teams deal with on a daily basis.

Contact us to determine whether the Partnered Security Services Provider program is the right fit for your organization.

What is the duration of the PSSP™ service?
The PSSP duration varies based on your organization's needs and requests.  PSSP engagements start at 6 months and can run as long as you need.  Most clients request 12 or 24 month Statements of Work to begin.
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