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An overview of cybersecurity badges issued by Silent Sector

Recognizing Proactive Cyber Risk Management Activities

At Silent Sector, we understand the critical importance of cybersecurity in today's interconnected digital landscape. Recognized for delivering premium cybersecurity professional services, we are grateful to acknowledge organizations that proactively invest in and prioritize their cybersecurity efforts. Our Cybersecurity Validation Badges are a testament to these efforts, serving as a visible symbol of a company's dedication to safeguarding its digital assets.
Demonstrating Proactive Cybersecurity Excellence
Our Badges are exclusively granted to companies that have demonstrated a commitment to cybersecurity excellence. These Badges signify that these organizations have gone above and beyond in implementing proactive activities and allocating resources to fortify their cybersecurity posture. Through rigorous risk assessments, penetration tests, and/or comprehensive cybersecurity program development services, we have evaluated the effectiveness of their security controls. Each badge corresponds to specific services performed and reflects the corresponding cybersecurity controls found to be in place and effective at the time assessed.
At Silent Sector, we bring to bear our extensive expertise to thoroughly assess an organization's security landscape. Our dedicated team of cybersecurity professionals conducts comprehensive evaluations to ensure that the security measures in place are robust and capable of withstanding the evolving threat landscape.
Acknowledging the Dynamic Nature of Cybersecurity
It is essential to note that while our Badges recognize an organization's commitment to cybersecurity, they do not guarantee a static or invulnerable security environment. Cyber threats are dynamic and ever-evolving, necessitating a continuous and vigilant approach to security. While we conduct thorough assessments, it is important to understand that security is never absolute, and every system has the potential to be breached.
Emphasizing Risk Management and Due Diligence
Silent Sector’s Badges are not a certification of compliance with any specific framework or requirement. Rather, they indicate a company's dedication to proactive cybersecurity practices. We advise every organization to engage in thorough due diligence when evaluating their vendors and partners. While our assessments provide valuable insights into an organization's security posture, they are not a substitute for a comprehensive risk management strategy.
Silent Sector’s Badges are a mark of distinction, highlighting an organization's proactive stance towards cybersecurity. They signify a commitment to ongoing security efforts and the validation of effective security controls. However, they do not guarantee impervious security or compliance with specific standards. Cybersecurity is an ongoing journey, and the Badges serve as a testament to an organization's dedication to this critical endeavor.

If you require further information about the specific cybersecurity activities of an organization presenting a Badge, please contact that organization directly.
Contact Silent Sector for more information about our Cybersecurity Validation Badges, the comprehensive services we offer, and how to receive similar badges for your organization. We are here to partner with you on your cybersecurity journey and help you navigate the complex realm of security and compliance. 

Badges Issued by Silent Sector:

Cyber Risk Assessment

This badge is issued for the completion of an enterprise-wide Cyber Risk Assessment against one or more of the following industry-recognized frameworks: NIST CSF, CIS Controls, NIST SP 800-53, ISO 27001, NIST SP 800-171, CMMC.

1st Silent Sector Cyber Risk Assessment Complete 2nd Silent Sector Annual Cyber Risk Assessment Complete within a 2 year period 3rd Silent Sector Annual Cyber Risk Assessment Complete within a 3 year period. Ongoing annual Cyber Risk Assessments with the most recent assessment completed during the calendar year stated on the badge.



Penetration Test

This badge is issued for the completion of one or more penetration tests within the calendar year marked on the badge. Silent Sector's penetration tests may cover an organization’s web applications, internal network, external network, wireless environments, physical security measures, or a combination of environments belonging to the client.

1st Silent Sector Penetration Test Complete  

Silent Sector has completed two or more Penetration Tests within a 2-year period

  Silent Sector has completed three or more Penetration Tests within a 3-year period. Company is conducting ongoing penetration tests at least once per year and is current as of the most recent test completed during the calendar year stated on the badge.


Proactive Cyber Risk Management

This badge is issued for the commitment to ongoing proactive cyber risk management measures, demonstrated by security across the organization’s people, processes, and technologies. The organization is supported by U.S.-based cybersecurity professionals who have developed a formal cyber risk management program and perform a variety of cyclical activities. 

Company has completed its first year working with Silent Sector’s team and has developed a formal cyber risk management program   Company has completed two consecutive years of cyber risk management program development and maturation, stepping into an operationalized and efficient model.   Company has completed three or more consecutive years of cyber risk management program cyclical activities, demonstrating continuous improvement of its people, processes, and technologies.



Badges issued, whether one or multiple, are valid for a two-calendar year period. These badges may be displayed during the calendar year they were issued and throughout the subsequent calendar year. After the conclusion of the following calendar year, the badges must be promptly removed or replaced with a new badge that reflects a more current engagement. Badges may not be displayed or reproduced by any person or organization without explicit permission from Silent Sector.

If additional detail regarding penetration testing and/or cyber risk assessment scope is required, please contact the organization using the badge. Do not contact Silent Sector about the security of a specific company. Silent Sector will not share the details of any current or past client’s cybersecurity activities without prior written authorization from that company.