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Learn more about Expertise-Driven Cybersecurity® support services and availability. Silent Sector is proud to provide services for mid-level and emerging companies. Browse our collection of industries served or contact us below to see how our IT security services can help you.


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The case studies below show a few examples of organizations that leveraged Silent Sector's unique processes and expertise to achieve far more in less time, using fewer resources.
Rapidly Growing Software Company
Requiring Cost-Effective Penetration Testing
A B2B software company had grown very quickly due to rapid market adoption of its innovative product. With the CTO and founding partner's growing responsibilities, as well as the growth of the development team, it was no longer possible ... Read More
Multinational Technology Company
Seeking Guidance for PCI-DSS Compliance
A very large, prominent name in the technology world began to undergo Payment Card Industry certification. During this process they identified they did not have adequate resources or expertise in this compliance framework. ... Read More
State Department of Insurance
Suspected Malicious Employee
A Department of Insurance for a Mid-Western state required a forensic investigation for alleged data theft. The courts required a 3rd party to ascertain what data was taken and the methods used to extract the data from the insurance department's ... Read More
Medical Company
Needed Immediate Clarity on a Vulnerability
A medical device company with no internal cyber security structure ran into an issue when their customers began questioning the security of their products since they were used in large hospitals and connected to the hospitals networks ... Read More
Regional Bank
Short on Cybersecurity Staff and Guidance
Due to personnel decisions, expanding business opportunities, as well as attrition a regional bank found itself with no senior staff to run their cybersecurity business.  It had been relying on contractors and consultants which cost an exorbitant ... Read More
Software as a Service Company
Developing an Effective Cybersecurity Posture
A small software as a service (SaaS) company found itself with very large Fortune 1000 clients wanting to use their services. When the large companies began negotiating initial contracts, the small SaaS company realized there was a demand ... Read More