Cybersecurity Risk Management Program

Cybersecurity Risk Management Program

Scale more easily with a proactive cybersecurity program designed and built for your mid-market or emerging company.

Build a Risk-Based, Expertise Driven Approach to Risk Management - And Grow Faster

Your cybersecurity program should do more than safeguard your company - it should open doors to new business opportunities.

Why choose Silent Sector for cybersecurity program development?

  • Comply with key security standards without having to invest in a full-time InfoSec department.
  • Gain the trust of potential clients by shifting a high-risk environment into a well-protected, compliant asset.
  • Enjoy strategies uniquely tailored to the requirements of the way you do business. We don’t do “canned” solutions that leave gaps in your security.
  • Alleviate risk of non-compliance with security audits that look at the people, process, and technologies as a whole.
  • Enjoy long-term support. We don’t just tell you what needs to be done, we stick around to see it through.

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Let’s Plan Your Cybersecurity Risk Management Program

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Finally, we provide leadership consultation and program review

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The ROI of Proactive Security

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Reduce the Financial Fallout of a Cybersecurity Event

Companies of all sizes are experiencing cyber attacks. No industry type, customer base, or size of business is safe from risk.

However, those who actively pursue proactive security measures can significantly minimize their risks and cost of damages if an attack were to occur.

The Ponemon Institute's "Cost of Cyber Crime" study found that organizations with an incident response team and a tested incident response plan experienced cost savings of $1.23 million compared to organizations without these measures.

If your enterprise doesn’t have a proactive risk management program, cyber insurance providers are likely to reject applications for coverage - the cost of covering a data breach that could have been prevented or effectively mitigated is simply too high.

Identify and Remove Security Gaps Before Threat Actors Find Them

Taking a proactive security approach means engaging in ongoing risk assessments and penetration testing.

With a penetration test, the people on your side identify and correct vulnerabilities in your digital ecosystem - all before a hacker can exploit them.

Penetration testing, and other proactive assessments, can save you potentially thousands - or even millions - of dollars by stopping malicious threat actors from gaining access to your ecosystem.

Cybersecurity Risk Management Program

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Develop a Cybersecurity Program That Builds Security and Business Opportunities

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Meet the Compliance Requirements Your Industry Demands

Ensuring your organization meets specific regulatory requirements is an unavoidable cost of the modern business landscape.

Companies that don’t make compliance and managing cybersecurity risk a priority end up losing out on valuable business opportunities - they are deemed as untrustworthy and too risky to deal with.

However, those that do meet their industry’s compliance regulations enjoy greater successes. Why? They have positioned themselves as a safe, low-risk company others will trust and feel comfortable to work with.

At Silent Sector, we help businesses become - and remain - the trustworthy organization they need to be in order to attract their ideal client.

Our cybersecurity development program can help companies who want to do business in the following industries meet their compliance and cybersecurity framework needs:

  • Healthcare
  • SaaS
  • Government agencies
  • Financial and Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • And more 

Gain a Seamless Extension of Your Organization - Without Going Over Budget

To develop and maintain the very best cybersecurity program tailored specifically to the way you do business, you need to work with people who know your company’s security posture inside and out.

Our managed cybersecurity services and business structure allows us to develop and maintain scalable cyber risk management programs at a more reasonable cost and reduced time requirements. This makes effective cybersecurity accessible for organizations that cannot support or do not require an internal InfoSec department.

In the long run, tools and technologies are not the answer to cybersecurity, nor are commoditized services or overly promoted dashboards.

Don’t be swayed by providers who focus on selling their tools but neglect to understand your needs and compliance goals.

Instead, work with proven cybersecurity experts who are as committed to helping you build an effective cybersecurity risk management program as you are and can rely on to stick around.

Cybersecurity Risk Management Program

Close More Deals With a Stronger Security Posture

Become the low-risk vendor everyone is looking to partner with

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Work with People Invested in Your Success

The reason our model works every time is simple; Our business objectives are perfectly aligned with yours.

We serve performance-driven organizations that are serious about their success, longevity, and contributions to their marketplace.

Our focus is to protect your company while helping you grow and thrive.

As said by Zach Fuller our Founding Partner at Silent Sector:

“While providing the best advice and guidance to ensure a strong security posture is of critical importance to our team, building strong relationships and supporting a company’s success is equally important to us.“

We'll also support the implementation and management of the program we’ve developed together to ensure you get the most from your investment.

When you get to know our team, you’ll experience a significant difference as you gain clarity and direction that supports your mission.

Secure Your Revenue and Reputation With an Effective Cybersecurity Program

There are countless stories online about businesses who have fallen victim to malicious cyber threats, each one quickly replaced by the next, bigger, more impactful story of the next attack.

What happens to those businesses after their news story fades away? Nothing good. Ask Yahoo.

Sadly, many businesses could have prevented attacks with a sound, organization-wide security strategy.

Silent Sector has helped hundreds of companies avoid this fate, and we can help you too. Schedule a call with our team for help with:

  • Identifying risk
  • Determining your ideal framework
  • Establishing incident response plans
  • Evaluating your security program
  • Understanding how to meet compliance requirements
Cybersecurity Risk Management Program

Build and implement a proactive cybersecurity risk management program that gives your business an edge and solidifies your position in the marketplace.

Work with a team dedicated to providing excellence at every turn and have literally “written the book” on cybersecurity - they are authors of the best-selling book, “Cyber Rants.”

Move towards better security with our cybersecurity risk management program services.

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