How to protect your company & land large enterprise contracts, even if you don’t have a cybersecurity program today

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Transform Cyber Risk into a Revenue Generating Asset



Hitting a growth ceiling because prospects demand cybersecurity requirements that your B2B tech company doesn't have in place?


Have clients requesting penetration tests or SOC 2 audits and you know more requirements are coming?


Are compliance requirements seemingly impossible to keep up with?


You’re not alone. Cybersecurity programs for SaaS and B2B Technology are under more scrutiny than almost any other industry.

Fortunately, cyber risk can be transformed from a liability into a competitive advantage -- a differentiator to generate revenue and win larger contracts.

By helping B2B technology companies leverage cybersecurity to grow millions in revenue, we proved that it's not about buying more tools and technologies. It just takes the right methodology, expertise, and support.


If you represent a System Integrator or B2B Software company that...

❌ Is struggling to land large enterprise contracts because of the cybersecurity requirements prospects demand (pen testing/SOC 2 audits/compliance/framework alignment...)

❌ Has prospects sending cybersecurity questionnaires that you can’t comfortably answer

❌ Struggles to navigate the seemingly infinite cybersecurity options to find the appropriate solutions

❌ Has an overloaded team needing additional support to build a security program

… the Silent Sector team already has helped many others in your position break through the roadblocks.


In fact, these cybersecurity struggles have become so common for B2B technology companies that we’ve focused on mastering the process of conquering them.

We've engineered a solution specifically for B2B technology companies such as system integrators, SaaS, defense technologies, and various tech platforms.

It’s our Risk to Revenue Methodology™.


When you work with Silent Sector, you will:

✅ Have clarity, direction, guidance, and hands-on support to build your industry leading cybersecurity program

✅ Achieve client and compliance requirements

✅ Have professional cybersecurity representation to run projects and answer to clients and prospects

✅ Maximize cybersecurity at all levels of the organization, including your SDLC and/or data handling processes

✅ Be able to land larger enterprise contracts with a shorter sales cycle


We bring the expertise and support to transform your cyber risk into an asset, even if you don’t have in-house cybersecurity professionals.

Plus, we’ll operate with the tools and technologies your company already has.

Silent Sector’s Risk to Revenue Methodology™ builds cybersecurity programs for SaaS and B2B technology companies to protect the organization, grow trust with clients and prospects, stand out among the competition, and dominate the market.

Learn how to develop a formalized cybersecurity program even if you don't have in-house professionals.
Discover how Silent Sector clients leverage cybersecurity to land six and seven figure enterprise contracts.
Avoid the expensive pitfalls technology companies make when building a cyber risk management program.


Ready to Develop a Resilient Cybersecurity Program and Drive Revenue Growth?

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