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Episode #109 - 4th Quarter Madness

Let's face it, the end of the year is the busiest time in many areas of business - but fear not! Cybersecurity shouldn't be an end-of-year rush to catch up. This week the guys break down what you can do to make the 4th quarter easier for you so you can actually enjoy some time off during the holidays. They share their observations and insights so you can go into the new year ready and confident.


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Episode #108 - From the Frontlines to Firewalls: Veterans in Cybersecurity

This week, Zach and Lauro are joined by Milton Chavez, as all three guests have one unique connection - they're all U.S. Army Veterans that have made the post-military transition to the Cybersecurity sector. They discuss what life is like making the jump from a military background to the cybersecurity industry, and tips for current soldiers to make the same transition when they hang up the uniform.

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Episode #107 - Hacking Humans Face-to-Face

This week, Zach and Lauro talk about some critical but often overlooked topics including in-person social engineering attacks, the nuances of change management, and what it really means to hack wireless networks. They share why organizations need to do more in-person physical penetration testing and how to help employees react properly in the event of a face-to-face social engineering attack. 

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Episode #106 - Executives Under Attack

Cyber criminals continue to increase their focus on executives and other high-profile individuals. Using well crafted and targeted attack methods, criminals are able to coerce people into sending money and information directly into the wrong hands. This week, the guys talk about whaling, spear phishing, and other tactics being used in successful attacks! 

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Episode #105 - Cybersecurity Expertise for Rent - vCISOs

This week the guys talk about vCISO challenges from the perspectives of both the vCISOs and their clients. But wait - what does it really mean to be a vCISO? How do you know if a vCISO is right for your organization? Which vCISO is best? You’ll get answers from the guys as they share their vCISO stories and discuss cybersecurity expertise for rent in today's confusing marketplace! 

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Episode #104 - Meet the Cyber Mercenary who can Overthrow a Government - Chris Rock

This week, the guys welcome one of the most interesting figures in cybersecurity! Meet Chris Rock, the hacker and cyber mercenary who can overthrow a government, digitally birth and kill people, and leverage a lot more unique skills he doesn't share with everyone. In addition to founding SIEMonster and being a three time DefCon presenter, Chris has worked across the Middle East, the US, and Asia preventing cyber attacks for both governments and private organizations. This episode is as entertaining as it is eye-opening!

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Episode #103 - SEC and FTC Regulations

It seems like there is a new cybersecurity regulation popping up every week and with so many changes, it can be hard to keep track. This week the guys explain the Securities and Exchange Commission Rule 10 and the Federal Trade Commission Safeguards Rule. They share who's affected and what these requirements could mean to your organization.

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Episode #102 - How does AI affect cybersecurity (and the world)?

For better or for worse, Artificial Intelligence has been dominating the news. Is it really what people say? What does easy access to AI tools mean for your cybersecurity program? The guys discuss pros, cons, and their opinions on how AI should be utilized in your cyber risk management program. 

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Episode #101 - How to Use Cybersecurity to Grow Revenue!

Enterprise customers want to work with vendors that are secure and reputable. This week, the guys discuss how smart companies leverage their cybersecurity efforts to increase revenue and gain a competitive edge. Zach, Mike, and Lauro share how they've helped clients gain millions of dollars in new contracts and tips so you can help your company thrive!

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Episode #100 - The 100th Episode Milestone!

This week, the guys celebrate the 100th episode of The Cyber Rants Podcast! They share Silent Sector’s origins as a company and how Cyber Rants was launched out of the desire to improve the cybersecurity industry. They also share a bit about their backgrounds and throw in quite a few rants for good measure. Help us look forward to another 100 episodes by rating and sharing!

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