by Ed Escobedo

Start With Why... My next chapter with Silent Sector

One of the best business books I have read is “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. The reason I liked it so much is the author makes the point that many of the great companies in America have a noble cause as their mission that differentiate them from their competitors.

He uses the example of Apple and notes that one of the reasons that makes them a great company is that they believe in challenging the status quo and they believe in thinking differently. And that from that north star, they produce beautifully designed products that are simple to use and user friendly.

When I started to get to know Silent Sector's founders, I asked them why they started the company. The answer I received is what caused me to join the team. They said, 'We’re on a mission to protect the mid-market and emerging companies that are the lifeblood of the US economy and our way of life. These companies are especially vulnerable to cyber-attack and need our help.’

It is because of this mission, that I decided to help them solve this problem of protecting the US economy.  And as a military Veteran and Hispanic myself, I'm particularly excited to lock arms with colleagues who have the same roots.

Silent Sector believes strongly that:

  • Midmarket organizations are lacking cybersecurity expertise. Too often they are sold tools and cookie cutter solutions rather than the dedicated support of experienced professionals.
  • The role of cybersecurity services companies is to not only assess risk, but to recommend the right remedies and implement them as needed as well.
  • Every organization is unique and cookie cutter software and services aren’t enough for today's complex environment.

As I start this next chapter of my career, I’m hoping to provide perspective and guidance through the many cyber risk management problems that plague organizations including:

  • Helping CxOs understand where their highest Cyber/Privacy/Tech risk exists, helping highlight where budgets should be allocated and where human capital should be expanded and allocated.
  • Creating a Return on Investment model (Security Optimization Program) to give companies clarity and transparency where tools are underutilized (license and surface area) and where those resources can be deprecated, optimized or redeployed.
  • Developing a data analytic Governance model whereby risk and cyber-security progress can be clearly reported and where KPIs can be shared to create true organizational alignment.
  • Helping organizations build a culture of Risk Management as a Lifestyle, whereby everyone from the CEO to front line workers can understand the importance of protecting customer assets and how that supports their organizational mission.

I'm excited to be a part of the Silent Sector team, supporting a mission I take to heart. This company has done some amazing work with very happy clients and I can only imagine what the future holds.

If I can be of service to you and your organization, please contact us and we'll schedule a time to chat.

About the Author

Written by Ed Escobedo

Ed is a seasoned Senior Executive with more than 40 years of experience and expertise in Cyber Risk Management, Global Operations, Program Management, Organizational Transformation and Operational Excellence. In addition to running the Information Security Business Office at PayPal, Ed established and led the Technology Risk Management function for the 1800-person global Technology Platform and Experiences division. He was also the Chief Information Officer for Apollo Education Group where he ran the organization’s student services global infrastructure. Ed has also held a variety of senior executive technology leadership positions at DHL and Charles Schwab. He has served on multiple Boards, including the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Meritus Health Partners and the Arizona Technology Council. Industry Expertise: -Financial Services -FinTech -Education -Diversity and Inclusion -Non-Profit -Logistics and Supply Chain Management -Healthcare