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Social Engineering Testing

Elevate your defenses with Silent Sector's expert-led social engineering testing.

Protect Your Company From Phishing & More

Protect company data and improve team members’ awareness of data threats with social engineering testing conducted by the experts.

Why choose Silent Sector for social engineering testing?

  • Level up your team’s security awareness with cybersecurity tests like phishing, smishing, business email compromise, physical intrusion, and more.
  • Pinpoint publicly available data available to hackers and learn how you can protect your company against information mishandling.
  • Test your security policies for gaps. We’ll make sure your policies effectively shield you from social engineering attacks.
  • Create security training tailored to your team's unique weaknesses, using insights from our tests.
  • Rely on cybersecurity expertise that’s protected 100+ companies, backed by a wealth of industry certifications.

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Let’s Plan Your Social Engineering Test

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2. Initial Consultation and Project Scoping
3. Roadmap Creation & Plan Review

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  • Software as a Service
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  • Financial services
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  • Manufacturing
Our Cybersecurity Service Offerings
  • Cybersecurity consulting & leadership
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  • NCUA
  • NIST SP 800-171
  • NIST SP 800-53
  • SOC 2
  • SOX

Why Organizations Rely On Silent Sector
for Social Engineering Testing

Social Engineering Testing 3

Protect Against Social Engineering Attacks

Protect your business’s data and more from multiple angles with staff training and proactive incident reporting. 

Staff Training for Social Engineering

Equip your staff with the skills to recognize and respond to social engineering tactics like masquerading, urgency, and natural response exploitation. 

Testing Training Effectiveness

Find out just how effective our tests and security training are with remote or on-premise tests to provide invaluable insights. We use this information to help us to identify and retrain vulnerable staff.

Social Engineering Testing

More Than Social Engineering Testing—Penetration Testing

Ensure comprehensive coverage and actionable results, at every stage of testing.

Attack Vector Identification

Pinpoint attack methods tailored to different user groups in your organization. Each test is carefully planned and scored for thorough assessment, and you're kept fully informed.

Penetration Attempts

Execute these attacks, recording every detail like calls, emails, and documents. We document everything, including tester and employee involvement.


Finally, we provide a comprehensive report pinpointing vulnerabilities and offering tailored solutions, including an executive summary and remediation options.

Social Engineering Testing

Take On the Key Challenges of Social Engineering Without Missing a Beat

Effortlessly tackle social engineering challenges with our expert guidance. 

Train your team to blend responsiveness and collaboration with heightened security awareness.

Assess your staff's security awareness, setting clear benchmarks for improvement. 

With our holistic analysis, reveal vulnerabilities in people, processes, and policies. Make sure no security gap is missed.

Confidently convert social engineering risks into opportunities for stronger cybersecurity. Partner with Silent Sector.

Social Engineering Testing 2

Why Choose Silent Sector for Your Social Engineering Testing?

Tap into a cybersecurity strategy crafted uniquely for you, combining expert knowledge, industry experience, and cutting-edge methods.

Expertise-Driven Approach

With a team holding certifications like CRISC and OSCP, and a track record of protecting over 100 companies protected since 2016, we bring unparalleled depth to our work.

Pair remote or on-site social engineering tests with tailored staff training, sharpening your team's defense against cyber threats. 

Proven Methodologies

Optimize internal and external cybersecurity with security methods inspired by US Army Special Forces.

Employees Could be Putting Company Data at Risk

Stay ahead of cybersecurity threats, backed by years of expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our
Social Engineering Testing Services

What is Silent Sector’s approach to social engineering testing?

We employ a comprehensive approach to social engineering testing, focusing on identifying and mitigating risks associated with human behavior.

Our process includes planning and scoping, attack vector identification, penetration attempts, and detailed reporting. 

We tailor our methods to each organization’s specific needs, utilizing our expertise in cybersecurity, proven by our track record of serving over 100 organizations and a team with top industry certifications.

How does Silent Sector ensure the effectiveness of social engineering testing?

We ensure testing effectiveness through meticulous planning, execution, and follow-up. 

Our tests are designed to identify vulnerabilities in employee behavior and company processes. We conduct ongoing simulated attacks, like phishing, to assess the real-world effectiveness of staff training and security policies. 

Results from these tests guide our strategy for further training and policy adjustments, ensuring continuous improvement in your security posture.

What sets Silent Sector apart from other cybersecurity providers?

We stand out in our expertise-driven approach, proven track record, and comprehensive service offerings. 

Our team's extensive certifications and experience in protecting companies across a wide variety of industries, ensures a depth of knowledge applied in every engagement. 

Our unique methodologies, like the Expertise Impact Model™, and our commitment to personalized, client-focused service distinguish us in providing effective and customized social engineering testing solutions.

What kind of vulnerabilities does Silent Sector identify through social engineering testing?

We identify vulnerabilities in human behavior, business processes, and security policies. 

We focus on how employees respond to tactics like phishing and urgency exploitation. 

Additionally, we assess the effectiveness of existing policies and training programs, identifying areas where improvements are needed to strengthen the overall security posture of the organization.

What follow-up services does Silent Sector provide after testing?

After testing, we provide detailed reports outlining vulnerabilities and recommending mitigation strategies. 

We offer follow-up services such as customized training programs to address identified weaknesses and policy revision consultations. 

Additionally, we can conduct re-tests to measure the effectiveness of implemented changes, ensuring continuous improvement in the organization’s defense against social engineering threats.

Transform your cybersecurity landscape with Silent Sector.

With our expert-driven approach, backed by a proven track record and top industry certifications, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every challenge.

Partner with Silent Sector and empower your team with the knowledge and tools to stay steps ahead in cybersecurity. 

Elevate your defense, choose expertise, choose Silent Sector.


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