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Episode #99 - Penetration Testing: When we show up at your door...

We’ve covered various forms of remote penetration testing, so in this episode we get up close and personal. On-site penetration testing has its own benefits, risks, and nuances. This week, the guys discuss activities such as Wireless Network Penetration Testing and Physical Security Assessments that are conducted on-site. This is “the fun stuff” and you don’t want to miss this episode!

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Headlines from Episode:

Millions of Artifacts, Misconfigured Enterprise Software Registries Are Ripe for Pwning

Hackers can hack organizations using data found on their discarded enterprise network equipment

Thousands of publicly-exposed Apache Superset installs exposed to RCE attacks

AuKill tool uses BYOVD attack to disable EDR software

EvilExtractor, a new All-in-One info stealer appeared on the Dark Web

Experts spotted first-ever crypto mining campaign leveraging Kubernetes RBAC

Chinese APT group Alloy Taurus unleashes new Linux variant of PingPull malware

US charges North Korean official in crypto laundering conspiracies

Why CISOs and legal need to be on the same page when their company is hacked

VirusTotal now has an AI-powered malware analysis feature

New SLP bug can lead to massive 2,200x DDoS amplification attacks

Malware-Free Cyberattacks Are On the Rise; Here's How to Detect Them

Cisco discloses XSS zero-day flaw in server management tool