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Episode #57 - People > Robots

In today's Cybersecurity Gold Rush, we see so many new technology products claiming to solve the world's problems and companies promoting the newest trend of the week. However, are the new cybersecurity technology tools and products really measuring up? What can technologies really do for you and when do you need the human element? This week, the guys discuss where tools provide great benefits and where they come up short, requiring the hands-on work of a cyber professional.

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Mike's Headlines

Cybercriminals Swarm Windows Utility Regsvr32 to Spread Malware

Microsoft Will Block Macros by Default from Internet Downloads

Fake Windows 11 Upgrade Installers Infect You with RedLine Malware

Linux Malware on the Rise

End of 2021 Witnessed an Explosion of RDP Brute-Force Attacks
Cloud Migrations are Taking Longer, and Require Bigger Budgets than Expected

CISA, FBI, NSA Issue Advisory on Severe Increase in Ransomware Attacks

Senate Homeland Leaders Package Trio of Cyber Bills Tied to Incident Reporting, Cloud and Oversight

CISA Orders Federal Agencies to Fix Actively Exploited Windows Bug
FBI Warns of Criminals Escalating SIM Swap Attacks to Steal Millions
Attacks Against Health Plans Up Nearly 35%

Qbot Needs Only 30 minutes to Steal Your Credentials, Emails
Several Malware Families Using Pay-Per-Install Service to Expand Their Targets: Medusa Android Banking Trojan Spreading Through Flubot's Attacks Network
Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats (HEAT) bypassing traditional security defenses

Critical RCE Flaws in PHP Everywhere WordPress Plugin Affect Thousands of Sites

FritzFrog Botnet Grows 10x, Hits Healthcare, EDU, and Govt Systems