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Episode #109 - 4th Quarter Madness

Let's face it, the end of the year is the busiest time in many areas of business - but fear not! Cybersecurity shouldn't be an end-of-year rush to catch up. This week the guys break down what you can do to make the 4th quarter easier for you so you can actually enjoy some time off during the holidays. They share their observations and insights so you can go into the new year ready and confident.


‘Scan-and-exploit’ campaign snares unpatched Exchange servers

Malicious Word .Doc delivers triad of malware pain

Hackers steal $53 million worth of cryptocurrency from CoinEx

A new ransomware family called 3AM appears in the threat landscape

A new repojacking attach exposed over 4,000 GitHub repositories to hack

Ransomware access broker steals accounts via Microsoft Teams phishing

Senators want a special government unit to help small businesses with cyberattacks

Attackers leverage Windows Advanced Installer to drop cryptocurrency malware

Microsoft Teams down: Ongoing outage behind message failures, delays

CISA adds recently discovered Apple zero-days to known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog