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Episode 4 - Ed Escobedo: Translating the value of CyberSecurity

This week - Ed Escobedo joins the podcast to discuss his journey to join the Silent Sector team as Chief Strategy Officer, the purpose of cybersecurity, and what lesson’s he’s learned while implementing programs for companies like PayPal and Apollo Education Group, plus the importance of translating the value of cybersecurity to CFO’s and other organizational leaders. This will help you understand why we need cybersecurity.

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Episode 3 - Building a Security-Conscious Culture

This week - The guys discuss how to build a Security-Conscious Culture in your organization, along with some of the successes and failures that occur in the process. The team also talks about the cybersecurity steps necessary in how to prepare for a cyber-attack. In addition, they talk steps to implement your security program, beginning with leadership support. Pick up your copy of Cyber Rants on Amazon.
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Episode 2 - Make the Right Decision - Implement a Program!

Lauro, Mike, and Zach reveal the biggest failure that companies make when it comes to cybersecurity. We discuss what steps leaders can take to implement a program within their organization. The team talks about cybersecurity in business and how to mitigate cyber risks. The team also provides ideas for companies to use additional incentives with staff in order to help minimize cyber risk related to the human element.

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Episode 1 - Why Cybersecurity Education Matters

In our introduction episode, we discuss our book “Cyber Rants: Forbidden Secrets and Slightly Embellished Truths About Corporate Cybersecurity Programs, Frameworks, and Best Practices.” We discuss reasons why corporate cybersecurity programs fail, why cyber security matters, and cybersecurity for businesses so they receive the right guidance or education to get the best cybersecurity protection for their needs.

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