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Support and advisory designed to meet the needs and budgets of startups and small businesses.

The Cybersecurity Solution for your Startup or Small Business

Our Nation's startups and small businesses are the innovators, thought leaders, and organizations fighting every day to build a better future.  Unfortunately, these companies have been severely underserved in the cybersecurity industry, often priced out of the market with little access to professional guidance or support.   Not anymore!  
Silent Sector's Cybersecurity Foundation Service makes Fortune 500 level expertise and guidance available to startups and small businesses.  We provide fundamental cybersecurity services tailored to your needs at an accessible monthly rate.
Let us support you in making your company a hard target for cyber criminals without major expenditures or hindering operations.
This service is ideal for companies:
  • Up to 25 employees 
  • Headquartered in the United States
  • With proprietary software or other technologies, compliance requirements, or reliance on sensitive information such as customer data
How Startups and Small Businesses Benefit:
  • Having a cybersecurity partner shows you take security seriously and respect clients’ data
  • Effective cybersecurity measures increase a company’s value for a capital raise or sale
  • Early implementation of security measures will save you tremendously as your organization grows
  • Support and answers as needed - No more speculation or trial and error
  • An independent perspective in support of your IT team or IT service provider’s initiatives
  • Reduce time required for compliance efforts with our expertise and proven best practices
  • Maximize the security of the technologies you already have before investing in anything new
  • Establishing the importance of security early makes it much easier to build into your company culture
  • Our cybersecurity support scales with your business and additional services are available at discounted rates
What We Provide:
  • Personalized cybersecurity and compliance expertise as needed to support your company’s requirements and objectives
  • Continuous scanning of your environment to identify vulnerabilities
  • Policy and procedure documentation to support organizational governance and a proactive security posture
  • Advisory and support for your internal IT team or 3rd party service provider, providing a complementary but independent view
  • Our on-boarding meetings ensure services are tailored to your needs

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