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Cybersecurity & IT Security Assessments

Identify your organization's cyber risk and have a roadmap to the ideal security posture.

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Identify Cyber Risk to Strengthen IT Security

Identifying and mitigating technology-related risk on a consistent basis is critical in today's business environment. From assessments of cyber risk management controls across an entire organization, to focused penetration testing on networks and web applications, Silent Sector's suite of services provide everything a company needs to understand cyber risk.

Assessment and testing activities don't stop at locating risk, they provide clear direction about how to improve security to the optimal level for each organization Silent Sector serves.

Whether you need to know the exposure of your critical systems, harden a web application, or want an evaluation to understand how each vulnerability equates to actual dollars at risk, each assessment is tailored to meet your exact objectives.

Common reasons companies contact Silent Sector for risk assessments and penetration testing include:

  • Enterprise customers requesting a 3rd party assessment or pen test
  • Leadership wants a clear understanding of current risk exposure and how to mitigate that risk
  • Potential for an upcoming compliance audit (CMMC, PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.)
  • Preparing for a SOC 2 or ISO 27001 certification
  • Recent breach or other event exposing the need for proactive security
  • Need to validate security after updates or for new software products
  • Move to new building or transition to cloud environments
  • Mergers and acquisitions


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Expertise-Driven Risk Assessment Methodology

We believe that cyber risk assessments should never be limited to "checking the blocks" of a framework or compliance requirement. A cyber risk assessment is an opportunity for your team to learn, grow, and improve all aspects of cyber risk management across the organization. Silent Sector's assessment method involves a consultative approach that empowers your internal team with expert guidance, start to finish. From setting priorities to control implementation recommendations, system configuration tactics to strategic roadmapping, Silent Sector's Expertise-Driven Methodology delivers far more value than the typical framework walkthrough approach.


For Proactive Risk & Compliance Management
  • Enterprise Cyber Risk Assessment
  • CIS Controls
  • ISO 27001
  • NIST SP 800-53
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Framework Alignment Roadmaps & Project Plans
  • Web Application Penetration Tests
  • External Network Penetration Tests
  • Internal Network Penetration Tests
  • Wireless Penetration Tests
  • Human Awareness Testing
  • Physical Security Testing
  • CMMC
  • NIST SP 800-171
  • SOC 2 Readiness Assessments
  • SOC 2 Audits
  • Compliance Alignment Roadmaps & Project Plans