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Expertise-Driven Cybersecurity™ programs built for school districts, institutions, EdTech, and other educational companies.

Maximize Cyber Defenses and Maintain FERPA Compliance

Education companies and institutions face their own set of cybersecurity challenges. From highly targeted ransomware attacks to malicious students on the network, it is critical to maintain a strong defense-in-depth security posture. From school districts and higher education institutions to EdTech companies, the Silent Sector team is equipped with the experience, unique methodologies, and technologies to bring your education organization's security from an emerging state to a mature and FERPA compliant cyber risk management program.

Silent Sector utilizes takes a risk-based, technology agnostic approach to harden your technology environment and operationalize industry best practices while working with the technologies you already have in place. We extend your organization's capabilities, providing the hands-on expertise of cybersecurity engineers, architects, and analysts, all under the experienced guidance of a CISO. Our method brings the capabilities you need to develop and strengthen an effective cyber risk management program for a fraction of the cost of building an in-house team or fragmented 3rd party solutions.

After the foundation of your FERPA compliant cybersecurity program is in place, Silent Sector will continue to support your IT professionals with monitoring and program maintenance. If resources allow, we will even help you build an internal cybersecurity team.

Unfortunately, tools and technologies on their own are insufficient to protect education companies and institutions. Cybersecurity starts with the right people.

Silent Sector's Expertise-Driven Methodology provides the professional strategy and expertise combined with hands-on support to ensure our education industry clients are well protected and FERPA compliant. 

Our model works every time for a simple reason… Our team is equipped with deep experience in cybersecurity for education organizations and our objectives are perfectly aligned with yours. Our business model is not focused on selling products and tools. Instead, we focus on the activities that make the most impact toward security and compliance improvements, without pushing for any unnecessary expenses.

We serve performance-driven EdTech SaaS companies, educational institutions, school districts, and higher education companies that are serious about their protection, longevity, reputation, and protecting the people they serve.

With Silent Sector's support, you'll the gain clarity and direction to accelerate the growth and success of your educational organization. Contact us today to discuss your objectives.

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Three steps to determine fit, create clarity, and define the path forward.
1. Compatibility Discussion
2. Initial Consultation & Scoping
3. Leadership Consultation & Plan Review


  • Education Institution Cybersecurity Architecture, Engineering, & Analyst Support
  • Education Cybersecurity Consulting & Leadership
  • Governance & Policy Development
  • Framework Alignment (e.g. NIST CSF, CIS Controls, NIST SP 800-53, ISO 27001 & 27002)
  • External & Internal Vulnerability Scanning
  • Network/Cloud Architecture Review & Documentation
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Vendor Vetting
  • FERPA Gap Analysis
  • FERPA Compliance Operations & Tracking
  • EdTech SOC 2 Audits
  • EdTech SOC 2 Audit Readiness
  • EdTech SOC 2 Audit Liaison/Management
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