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As a cybersecurity solution provider, we cover your company’s cybersecurity strategy, implementation, and compliance so your team can focus on its core objectives.

Integrated  •  Managed  •  Protection  •  Assessments  •  Compliance  &  Training

Beyond CISO as a Service!

Silent Sector's Cyber IMPACT Solution™ is designed specifically for companies that don't need or can't support full time cybersecurity staff. Our solution provides far more than a CISO as a Service, providing both strategic and technical level cybersecurity services. It is robust enough to meet the needs of technology-based companies, while flexible enough to scale with rapid growth.

The Cyber IMPACT Solution™ brings you the capabilities of a CISO, Security Engineer, and Security Architect for a fraction of the cost of hiring a single, full time cybersecurity company with experience. This makes a robust cybersecurity program accessible to emerging and mid-market companies working without the resources to support an internal cybersecurity team.

While your Cyber IMPACT Solution™ is tailored to the specific needs of your organization, our top cybersecurity services often include:

  • Enterprise Cyber Risk Assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability remediation
  • Security plan development
  • Ongoing advisory and support
  • Cybersecurity Library development:  Policy and Process Documentation
  • Cybersecurity awareness training and risk management
  • Specialized security training and guidance for in-house software development and/or IT professionals
  • Support with 3rd party and client security questionnaires
  • Compliance gap assessments and alignment
  • Support brand credibility and customer confidence messaging
  • Assist with vetting and placing in-house security staff as company grows


With an effective security posture in place, you'll reduce cost, support the longevity of your organization, improve brand credibility, and increase the trust of your customers, staff, and stakeholders.

Already have cybersecurity professionals in-house?  See our Partnered Security Service Provider (PSSP) program here.

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Three steps to determine fit, create clarity, and define the path forward.
1. Compatibility Discussion
2. Initial Consultation & Scoping
3. Leadership Consultation & Plan Review


What will be possible when you have these insights and capabilities?


  • Minimize risk, continuously
  • Protect your reputation
  • Strengthen brand credibility with clients and prospects
  • Allow in-house team to focus on core business initiatives, rather than security and compliance
  • Support B2B sales when security is a concern of prospective clients
  • Reduce security related expenses during development of technology devices and software
  • Strengthen staff capabilities, awareness, and attention to detail


  • Work seamlessly with in-house or outsourced IT professionals, for a holistic approach to IT and security
  • Harden network and hosting environments, externally and internally
  • Offload burden of creating and maintaining cybersecurity policy documentation
  • Maximize security during IT change management, new technology implementation, and decommissioning of old systems
  • Implement proper security during software or technology device development life cycles
  • Continuous monitoring and testing of potential attack vectors
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SAQ's - Should Ask Questions

Clarity and security starts with asking the right questions.
What does my company need in terms of cybersecurity?

Every organization is unique, which is why there will never be a "one size fits all" solution.  However, every cybersecurity posture has common components.

First, it is critical to understand where your vulnerabilities exist today.  This is accomplished through an Enterprise Cyber Risk Assessment.  A complete assessment provides a benchmark for your current security posture and a clear roadmap to transform your company into an extremely hard target for cyber criminals.

The Cyber IMPACT Solution addresses all your needs, from developing a benchmark of where your company stands today, to building and maintaining the appropriate level of security.  This includes an initial assessment, planning, implementation, policy & procedure documentation, awareness training, and ongoing support to ensure a continuously proactive approach.

Effective cybersecurity is not a one-time project, but an ongoing series of activities, included with your customized Cyber IMPACT Solution.

If you've already taken steps to be proactive, that is outstanding!  We'll focus on maximizing what you've already built while covering the other aspects, for a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

Is cybersecurity or compliance different for my industry?

While every organization and industry is different, cybersecurity best practices remain the same.  Our technology agnostic approach allows the Cyber IMPACT Solution to be tailored to your specific industry, while also leveraging knowledge and best practice proven to be effective in others.

Compliance requirements vary depending on the framework (ie. HIPAA, NIST, PCI DSS, SOX, etc.), but like cybersecurity, simplifying compliance comes down to experience and best practices.  For those dealing with a compliance requirement for the first time, starting with a simple framework like CSC20 is often a good first step to tackle more complex requirements such as PCI DSS.

Chances are high that the Silent Sector team is has completed cybersecurity initiatives in your industry and understands your compliance requirements.  

Can our IT professionals be responsible our security?

Good IT professionals are worth their weight in gold!  Your IT team is a critical asset in today's business environment.  Silent Sector works hand-in-hand with your in-house or outsourced IT professionals, for the best possible technology implementation.  While the IT team ensure continuous connectivity and increases capabilities, our cybersecurity professionals ensure the best possible results and longevity of the company through the appropriate cyber protection.

The reality is, technology is changing too rapidly and expanding much faster than any one person or small team can address.  Silent Sector brings unique skill sets, tools, operational procedures, certifications, and an independent opinion that complements the work of your IT staff. 

Will this take my time or my staff's time and attention?

Because the Cyber IMPACT Solution is tailored specifically to your company, we use as few or as many resources a you desire.  Involvement of your team is based on your business objectives.

We always recommend leveraging capabilities and expertise that you already have in place, but only when it doesn't take focus away from core company objectives.

The Cyber IMPACT Solution requires discussion with a small number of people in the beginning to define the scope, optimize the plan, and begin moving toward a proactive security posture. 

Our clients find that offloading the worry and hassles of compliance and cybersecurity frees up a significant amount of time for their IT professionals and other team members in the organization.  Effective cybersecurity does not hinder or get in the way of your team's day-to-day operations.

How do I know who to trust?
The cybersecurity industry has made it very simple to verify whether someone is a legitimate professional.  Like many other industries, the cybersecurity industry has authoritative organizations that issue certifications after thorough vetting and testing.  Silent Sector's leadership and team members have a wide variety of third party certifications that can be verified online with a simple search.  See the About page for a list of certifications.
How is an effective security posture built for my organization?

The first step to building an effective cybersecurity posture is to create a baseline of where your strengths and weaknesses exist today.  We start with an Enterprise Cyber Risk Assessment (ECRA), which is a holistic look at your organization.  The ECRA typically includes a series of interviews, vulnerability scans, penetration testing, policy documentation review, and compliance review.

The complete ECRA presents a clear path forward.  Items of the most concern are taken care of right away, while a plan outlines the remaining areas that need to be addressed.  The Silent Sector team implements the appropriate measures to cover security weaknesses, while working with your team, or separately if required.

When your organization is considered to have an effective security posture in place, Silent Sector begins regular monitoring and maintenance to identify and remediate new vulnerabilities as they occur.  This include everything from your website and web applications, to cloud systems, to staff awareness testing and training.  Compliance matters are also handled proactively.

These days, performing proper cybersecurity is not sufficient on its own.  It is important that your policies and procedures are documented and current.  Silent Sector builds and maintains your Cybersecurity Policy Library, or improves what you've already built.

While the intent of proactive security is to stop cyber attacks from impacting your organization, it is critical to have a plan in place, should a breach occur.  Silent Sector designs, tests, and implements post-breach remediation plans in order to minimize damage of an external or internal attack.

With an effective security posture in place, you'll have an asset that reduces costs, supports the longevity of your organization, improves brand credibility, and increases the confidence of your customers, staff, and stakeholders.


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