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Haidon Storro

Haidon Storro
Cybersecurity Research & Content Manager, Silent Sector -- Haidon Storro is a Cyber Security Analyst for CVS Health. She has her BS in IT Cyber Security as well as security certifications like CompTIA Security+ and ISC2. While Haidon is newer to the security community, she has dedicated herself to learning as much as she can through internships, online courses, and conventions like DefCon. In her free time, she enjoys reading about new advancements in technology, going to security meetups and participating in cyber defense competitions. One of Haidon’s goals is to make the connected world safer by bridging the human aspect with technology.

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Researchers at MIT Identify Security Vulnerabilities in Voting App

The expansion of mobile technology in recent years has come with several amenities. It has also generated popular slogans like “there is an app for that.” These two notions have produced the idea of using mobile applications to complete practical activities such as voting.

Anything that can get hacked, will get hacked. This is why voting security experts have warned that paper ballots are the only secure method to vote.

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