PCI Compliance Whitepaper

How We Saved a Tech Company $1,000,000 a Month

What's inside:

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or simply PCI is an ever-growing compliance framework that has forced business of all sizes and industries that are subject to PCI compliance to rethink how to not only apply the PCI controls effectively but how to maintain their state of compliance constantly and keep up with the annual assessment.

This paper will recommend the approach of:

  • Leveraging existing internal cross functional teams
  • Providing PCI Training/re-certification
  • Implementing an operationalized PCI program that works with external Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) 
  • Maintaining a self-contained PCI Assessment Process for the Business that becomes a year-round standard practice.

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Case Study

A very large, prominent name in the technology world began to undergo Payment Card Industry certification (PCI DSS Compliance). During this process they identified they did not have adequate resources or expertise in this compliance framework. Silent Sector was engaged to provide force multiplication for the in-house compliance project management office. After working with the client and the 3rd party PCI QSA firm, Silent Sector was able to accomplish a passing assessment. The work done by Silent Sector to obtain PCI Compliance was able to save the corporation over $1,000,000 per-month in fines and fees, that would have resulted from their previous non-compliance contractual terms.  Silent Sector went on to provide an operationalized PCI program that would assist the organization in performing self-assessment activities year-round in preparation for the recurring annual PCI audits.